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Newsweek and International Business Times are to host an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science event, taking place on 1 and 2 March 2017 at the Barbican in the City of London.

The event, which is taking place in association with Imperial College London will bring together data scientists from banks, hedge funds and fintech startup companies to discuss the frontiers of AI and machine learning technology in financial markets. IBT Media is the parent company of Newsweek and International Business Times.

Professor Nick Jennings CB, FREng, Vice-Provost (Research) Imperial College, said: “Imperial College London is at the forefront of getting technology and economics/business expertise working together to create real impact at the forefront of the fintech revolution.

  “We have a broad and substantial expertise, from crypto-currency to financial economics, from signal processing to mathematical analysis and from AI to data processing and high performance computing.

“Academics from economics and data science work closely with computing engineers, mathematics. This melting pot is required to drive forward major advances in this strategically important area.”

Intelligent Systems Conference 2017

IntelliSys 2017
Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2017 will focus on areas of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence (AI) and how it applies to the real world. IntelliSys is one of the best respected Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference.

IntelliSys provides a leading international forum that brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields with the purpose of exploring the fundamental roles, interactions as well as practical impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is part of the conference series started in 2013.

7-8 September 2017 | London, United Kingdom



Future Technologies Conference 2016

San Francisco, 6-7 December 2016

Call for Papers

FTC attracts researchers, scientists and technologists from some of the top companies, universities, research firms and government agencies from around the world.

Join us for FTC 2016, the world’s pre-eminent forum for reporting technological breakthroughs in the areas of Computing, Electronics, AI, Robotics, Security and Communications. Click here for conference topics.

The conference is predicated on the successful conferences by The Science and Information (SAI) Organization that have been held in the UK since 2013. FTC 2016 combines a stimulating technical program with an exciting new venue, San Francisco, a city renowned for its steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars.  Call for papers

DEBS 2016

The 10th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems

Irvine, CA, June 20 – June 24, 2016

Starting this year DEBS is extending its scope to embrace a broader set of topics related to distributed systems and event-based computing. Topics of particular interest may include (but are not limited to) models, architectures and paradigms of distributed and event-based systems, middleware systems and frameworks, and applications, experiences and requirements. The scope of the DEBS conference covers all topics relevant to distributed and event-based computing ranging from those discussed in related disciplines (e.g., software systems, distributed systems, distributed data processing, data management, dependability, knowledge management, networking, programming languages, security and software engineering), to domain-specific topics of event-based computing (e.g., real-time analytics, mobile computing, social networking, pervasive, green computing and ubiquitous computing, sensors networks, user interfaces, big data processing, spatio-temporal processing, cloud computing, the Internet of things, peer-to-peer computing, embedded systems and stream processing), to enterprise-related topics (e.g., complex event detection, enterprise application integration, real-time enterprises and web services).

In addition to these traditional topics, the scope of DEBS 2016 will include the increasingly important area of Internet of Things. New advances in distributed and event-based systems pose a great potential for a major contribution in this area. For further information, please refer to the call for contributions in the track of your choice.

RuleML 2016 Call for Papers

6 – 9 July 2016, Stony Brook University, USA

The annual International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML) is the leading international event in the field of rules and their applications. RuleML 2016, the tenth event in this series, will be held at Stony Brook University, USA. RuleML is the leading conference to build bridges between academia and industry in the field of rules and its applications, especially as part of the semantic technology stack. It is devoted to rule-based programming and rule-based systems including production rules systems, logic programming rule engines, and business rules engines/business rules management systems; Semantic Web rule languages and rule standards (e.g., RuleML, SWRL, RIF, PRR, SBVR, DMN, CL, Prolog); rule-based event processing languages (EPLs) and technologies; and research on inference rules, transformation rules, decision rules, production rules, and ECA rules.

RuleML 2016 will host multiple special tracks, as well as hosting the 10th International Rule Challenge, and the 6th RuleML Doctoral Consortium. Special topic tracks: Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Rules Track, Constraint Handling Rules Track, Event Driven Architectures and Active Database Systems Track, Legal Rules and Reasoning Track, Rule- and Ontology-Based Data Access and Transformation Track, and Rule Induction and Learning Track.

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