Giant ransomware bundle threatens to make malware attacks easier for crooks

by Danny Palmer,

Some of the most potent forms of ransomware of 2018 are being offered for sale in a cut-price bundle deal on the dark web that also contains one of the most dangerous forms of file-encrypting malware to terrorise organisations this year.

SamSam is part of the 23 ransomware bundle — significant because previously it’s only been deployed by a highly specialised group.

Other well-known forms of ransomware available in the $750 ‘2018 ransomware pack’ include Magniber, Satan, CryBrazil, XiaoBa, and more. The pack has been uncovered by researchers at cyber security firm Sixgill who describe it as an “extraordinarily rare finding”. The package is a grim reminder of just how easy it is for crooks to get hold of state-of-the-art malware to start their campaigns against businesses and consumers. Read the full report.

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