Why Developers Vote Python as the Best Application Programming Language?

From  WhaTech

Touted as one of the easiest languages to learn Python or the snake language has created a rage in the programming arena. The latest Forbes study estimated the adoption of the Python application programming language has grown 456 percent in the last year, and it is ranked as the fifth most-popular programming language in the TIOBE index.

Underlying reasons for the popularity of Python include its ease of understanding and modification, minimal coding requirements, its free and open source nature, and its ability to blend itself with C, C#, Java, and other high-level programming languages. Also contributing to Python’s high use among Web developers are its support for third-party software packages and platforms, and its wide-ranging distribution.

In addition, Python programmers earn an average of $106,000 a year, which makes Python development an attractive career choice for coding enthusiasts. Another assuring factor is that top tech companies like Google, ABN AMRO, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM, NASA, Mozilla, Quora etc use Python web programming adding more spirit to the idea that Python is here to stay. Read the press release.

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