11 Myths About IoT Messaging

by Andréa Skov,  ElectronicDesign

Many application-development myths emerge in the corporate IoT market due to issues of real-time data handling and delivery. This article looks to pop those myth balloons.

Everyone loves a good myth. It makes for entertaining dinner-table conversation. But sometimes myths get in the way of solving problems, and unfortunately in the technology world, this can mean wasted time, money, and resources.

The corporate Internet of Things (IoT) market is a competitive place where application-development myths proliferate. Many of these myths involve real-time data handling and delivery—the heart of successful corporate IoT application development. The challenges of IoT application development are speed, scale, and reliability for data exchanged among people, machines, sensors, and devices. Let’s debunk some of those myths… Read the article

DCL: I find some inconsistencies in this article, but its worth a read – see what you think yourself!  Andréa Skov is currently CMO of Push Technology Ltd. She has been Chief Marketing Officer of several companies, all of which have been “acquired”.  She should be a rich woman by now!


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