Five Supply Chain Trends That Shaped 2012

by Sean Riley, SupplyChain Management Review

Overall IT trends such as the cloud, big data and mobile are impacting the supply chain sector just as they do other sectors, but there are other trends specific to supply chain that came to the forefront in 2012.

5 Trends that came to the forefront in 2012: 1:) Improved Customer Service Levels Over Cost Cutting, 2:) Execution Moves Ahead Of Demand & Supply Planning, 3:) Resurgence of Contingency Planning, 4:) End-To-End Partner Communication & Collaborative Execution, and 5:) Big Data Is Becoming Mandatory.

1:) Improved Customer Service Levels Over Cost Cutting 
This was the foremost trend during 2012 and will continue through 2013. Supply chain costs have been continuously cut since the recession began four year ago but customers have begun pushing back on the cost cutting measures that negatively affected service levels. Companies are now focusing on how to improve service levels while simultaneously decreasing costs…

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