ISIS Papyrus

ISIS PapyrusGlobal software innovator ISIS Papyrus offers a flexible platform of solutions for fully integrated inbound and outbound communications, personalization and process optimization in customer-focused environments. Knowledge workers quickly adapt to changes using Papyrus standard software to enable the complex activity of customer claims management, contract management, new accounts, purchase-to-pay and fraud investigation, among others. Combining content, data and process for ultimate business and communications flexibility, Papyrus Adaptive Case Management enables user-guided learning, auto-discovery of processes and on-the-fly exceptions, alongside role-based content control and collaboration. Papyrus ACM connects knowledge workers and business leaders with a unified case folder and a graphical view of real-time process, activity and status.

Check out ISIS Papyrus’ Adaptive Case Management White Paper – comparing document-centric and customer-centric approaches.

For more information, visit the ISIS Papyrus website.

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