Complex Event Processing: IT Liberator or Over-Engineering Hell?

by Adrian Bridgwater, Dr. Dobbs

Before getting down to technical details, I’d like to ask whether the future position of Complex Event Processing (CEP) tools and engines spells good news or bodes ill for our technology future. Specifically, I’d like to question whether CEP represents a highly agile customer-influenced IT delivery driver, or whether CEP will pervade (and ultimately “invade”) our use of technology to the point where it becomes insidious.

Complex Event Processing essentially performs internal analysis of business events at such a rate that it becomes an essential tool in banking and finance where macro-management of data stream values needs to happen at light speed if it is to have any value.

Great news then that CEP technologies may soon migrate downward from mission-critical high-end deployments to affect the software that (for example) runs in the geolocation device in your cellphone – isn’t it? As you stroll through the mall, your device starts to alert you of special offers relating your consumer spend behavior, which is automatically tracked from the secure electronic payments tools that you use on the same device. …  Read on.

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