Event Processing Glossary Draft Version 2 for Comment

Since version 1 of the Glossary of event processing terminology was published nearly two years ago there has been a demand to add additional commonly used terms.  This draft of version 2  includes about 20 additional terms, a modest extension of version 1.

The draft of the proposed Glossary version 2 in pdf format is now available here for comments by the event processing community.  Your comments will be very helpful in making final decisions about what to include or not to include. Please add your comments to the EPTS forum discussion (see the EPTS link on the right). There is a simple process to join the forum if you’re not already a member.

EPTS Glossary v.2 draft full 2 February 2010 to post for comment

(Please note that all comments and suggested changes are subject to the EPTS copyright agreement, see
http://www.ep-ts.com/content/view/61/95/  )

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