“Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Event Stream Processing Engines”

A question uppermost in the minds of many visitors to this website: How to evaluate CEP engines.

Here is one vendor’s “vendor independent” analysis of the issue. I can think of many additional questions that prospective customers of CEP engines should ask. But this is a good beginning to an approach to this problem. It was made public in 2006. – DCL.

The purpose of this white paper is to assist prospective customers who are planning to evaluate one or more Event Stream Processing Engines, also known as Complex Event Processing Engines. Even though this paper is produced by a vendor (Coral8, Inc.), every effort has been made to keep the material objective and vendor-neutral. The word “Coral8” does not appear anywhere in the body of this document, except in this paragraph. Coral8, Inc. welcomes feedback and comments from customers, partners, and other vendors in this space.
This white paper poses a set of questions that somebody evaluating Event Stream Processing Engines may wish to answer. One way to answer these questions is to ask the vendors, and we encourage all prospective customers to do so. Asking the vendors is easy, but we strongly believe it is more productive to arrive at the answers through hands-on evaluations. These evaluations are by far the best way to learn if the Engine meets the project requirements, is easy to use, and exhibits the right level of performance in real-world applications from a particular domain. pdf article.

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