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Most everyone who visits understands the primary purpose of CEP. CEP employs techniques such as detection of complex patterns of many events, event correlation and abstraction, event hierarchies, and relationships between events such as causality, membership, and timing, and event-driven processes in order to process multiple events in an event cloud and determine which events are meaningful (ie, should be paid attention to).

SL Real-Time Visibility

However, CEP stops short of providing follow-on analytics on the output, meaningful real-time presentation of the results, alerts, and reports – all critical to turning complex event data into actionable information. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) can be used in various levels within an event processing solution to help users visualize and understand the dynamics behind rapidly changing situations and critical business events. In other words, BAM plays a key role wherever there is a need for better insight into the myriad events that effect business operations.

SL’s flagship product, Enterprise RTView, works with every major CEP engine provider, helping end-user companies better leverage CEP to deliver meaningful real-time operational visibility so they quickly respond and make fast, well-informed decisions that can help propel their businesses forward.

“Our use of the Enterprise RTView platform can not only provide our customers with the ability to gain more meaningful visibility into their event processing environments, but can also allow BEA to quickly show the value of our approach.” –Guy Churchward, VP, Weblogic Products, BEA Systems. More

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