UC4 Software

UC4 Software is the world’s largest independent IT Process Automation software company. UC4’s ONE Automation platform unifies workload, application release, application process, run-book, data transfer, and VM automation processes to enhance service level assurance, reduce outages, eliminate mistakes, and increase aggregate datacenter performance. UC4 helps enterprises deliver IT services more rapidly, reliably, and with greater intelligence and cost savings. More than 2,000 organizations worldwide trust UC4 to automate their business.

UC4 Senactive

Additionally, UC4 also provides a powerful CEP platform to build business rules and IT infrastructure policies that can help you react to events happening at different times, and within different contexts across your business applications and IT. UC4’s award-winning pattern mapping and 3D visualization capabilities empowers customers to quickly mine data and analyze it graphically across business processes, IT workloads, applications, and Infrastructure events. The highly innovative event visualization architecture enables them to detect complex event patterns never seen before. Within minutes, an operator can filter out the noise of thousands of events to identify root cause. That allows you to manage application and data center service levels proactively and automatically to deliver the highest quality of services to your business. Using automatic detection and automated resolution to improve service levels, you can stay informed and respond in real-time when SLAs are bound to business obligations.

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